thoughts on SF ballot propositions for November 2018 - 2018-10-10 14:36:41.889073

I’m not voting for any SF ballot propositions this election other than the sea wall. Direct democracy is a bad idea in general, and this year there are some particularly bad proposals on the ballot.

Prop A: Bonds for a new sea wall. With climate change upon us, this is the only one that makes sense.

Prop B: privacy restrictions sound nice, but this is just virtue signaling that will cause more headache than it’s worth. We need national privacy regulations, not a patchwork of local rules. I haven’t heard one thing out of Aaron Peskin that I agree with.

Prop C. Again more virtue signaling. We need accountability of the existing funds for “Homeless Services” before I vote for another cent for this.

Prop D: More cannabis taxes are a bad idea. We already have 15% plus 8.5% SF sales tax. High taxes are already pushing people into the black market, causing us to miss out on tax revenue.

Prop E. Also virtue signaling. Funding for arts and culture sounds nice until you consider that this proposition would permanently lock funds up to be spent on this and this only, no matter the circumstances.

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