browsing safely in the post-net neutrality era - 2018-04-24 23:57:44.291189

Now that Net Neutrality is no longer a guarantee and the states are slowly forming a patchwork of new laws, it is essential for the individual to take matters into his or her own hands. One such way ISPs implement content monitoring and filtering is via DNS. Now the easiest thing one can do is simply switch their DNS servers from their ISPs, to a non-logging, impartial 3rd party DNS server such as Cloudflare or Google. I’m partial to Cloudflare (

To really secure yourself, you need to encrypt your DNS queries via a technique known as DNSCrypt. Now this is not easy, and the specifications for the different implementations of DNSCrypt are currently being written. However, I got one such implementation, DNS over HTTPS, running on my home network. This means that even my non-logging, non-filtering, DNS provider couldn’t see my DNS queries even if they wanted to.

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