yet another blog redesign - Sunday, January 1, 2023 at 00:34 UTC

When I first created ehLabs in 2015, my aim was straightforward: to build a real-time chat application. Initially, I wanted to build this application for my employer, but my proposal was rejected due to prioritization concerns. As a result, I decided to pursue this project on my own. Since then, ehLabs has developed into a comprehensive content management system and social media application, powered by IPFS. However, I have always had one reservation about it-- the front-end technology.

When I started ehLabs, I had no knowledge of front-end engineering, and I still possess only a limited understanding of it. In order to quickly get the application up and running, I opted to use Bootstrap. While Bootstrap is a useful tool, it has its own set of issues and represents another large external dependency that requires regular updates. My dream has always been to do everything myself.

Many of my peers argue that the "correct" way to handle front-end development is to introduce NPM and choose a framework like Angular, React, or Vue. However, to be honest, this approach seems unnecessarily complicated to me. I do not have a need for a lot of real-time data (beyond chat), and all I require are a few basic CSS components such as a navbar, footer, and carousel. Therefore, I would like to avoid using JavaScript as much as possible.

The path I wish to pursue is to create my own set of CSS components for this site. You are probably reading this post on the initial iteration of this endeavor. My goal is to keep the V2 design of ehLabs simple and avoid imposing a specific color scheme. The legacy site's gray-blue color scheme was not universally appreciated.

This will be a long journey, but I believe it is the best course of action. I am starting with the design of the blog views. I will not set a deadline for myself, as this site is a personal project that I am undertaking for fun.

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