solving IPFS's privacy problems with application level encryption - 2017-09-01 15:53:33.163500

IPFS is great. If the internet were to adopt it, service outages could be eliminated, spikes in demand could more easily be served, and free speech could be protected. A permanent, distributed, data storage layer fits with the true ideals of the internet; that of a peer-to-peer decentralized, and therefore democratic, system.

So that's great and all, but what about privacy? IPFS does wonders for the First Amendment, but what about the Fourth? What if we wanted to take advantage of IPFS's permanence and availability, while still allowing users to access their content selectively and privately? One possible solution is implementing application layer encryption on top the storage layer. I'm pleased to say that I have a working prototype of this concept in ehLabs' FILES feature. Now when you go to upload a file, there is an additional option to upload encrypted. Try clicking on your IPFS public link after uploading an encrypted file.

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