basic web pages for blog posts with IPFS - 2018-09-22 20:39:20.196173

Since the beginning of the ehLabs blog feature, it has been uploading each blog post in JSON form into IPFS. This was done with the intention of rendering the blog posts via an alternative means in the event of ehLabs' nonexistence. This, however, requires an alternative means, such as an iPhone or Android app, to render the posts from the JSON format. A much better solution would be to embed a full HTML page into IPFS, such that the post can be rendered independently in a web browser. Starting today, each new blog post created will do just that, in addition to storing the JSON format. Now, when you click the "This content is embedded in IPFS" link, if available, it will redirect you to a basic HTML page which renders the post's content. The JSON format is now only retrievable via the ehLabs API.

Sharable link

This content is embedded in IPFS.